The world of functional medicine and health coaching has witnessed a surge in recent years, with more and more individuals seeking holistic approaches to health. As a functional medicine provider or health coach, have you ever wondered how to boost your visibility and connect with a wider audience? The answer could be right under your fingertips: […]


September 14, 2023

Leveraging Blogs for Functional Medicine Marketing: Reap the Most Benefits!

functional medicine marketing

You might be familiar with blogging, but did you know having a blog linked to your practice can be a great functional medicine marketing strategy to attract more patients? Here’s why… When a patient is looking for a new provider, they immediately search the internet hoping to find one that meets their needs. Having a […]


November 30, 2022

Start a Blog & Attract Patients to Your FM Practice

functional medicine marketing

3 Top Reasons Blogs are Key to Marketing Your Functional Medicine Practice Is posting regular blogs to your website part of your functional medicine marketing strategy? If not, here’s why you should be.  As a part of your marketing strategy, you may have dipped your toes in the water of content creation, with things like […]


November 29, 2022

3 Top Reasons Blogs are Key to Marketing Your Functional Medicine Practice

Functional Medicine Marketing Blogger

Discover 5 results driven ways to promote your functional medicine business online. Where do you want to focus your marketing efforts? Elevate your Functional medicine marketing strategy today!


November 7, 2022

Functional Medicine Marketing: 5 Ways Promote Your Business Online

Functional Medicine Marketing

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